Osaka Sushi

Proudly serving the town of Bonnyville since 2013, Osaka Sushi provides delicious sushi dishes prepared by skilled sushi chefs.  From fresh sushi and sashimi for those who enjoy the taste of the ocean, to stir fried noodles and teriyaki for those who prefer hot, cooked meals.

Osaka Sushi is well known for the large selection of specialty rolls that accommodates a wide range of taste buds.  Fresh, Baked, and Deep Fried.

Check out our “Favourites” items that have been selected by our customers. You won’t be disappointed

Quality & Freshness

Our sushi chefs take pride on the freshness of fish.  Each fish is brought in as a whole, and prepped by the chefs for the best taste.

Group Reservations & Party Trays

Osaka Sushi takes group reservations and also provide party trays for business meetings, weddings, parties and more.

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